Mango Language

The notion of project

Each project is organized directory on drive which contains project config (.mango-project) and project files itself. Dependency manager places vendor/ directory with 3rd party packages. Adding web/ directory is allowed, it wont be parsed and can contain any static files. Along with web/ folder, resources/ folder could be placed in order to store sources of sass, less, original images, js, etc. In additional, runtime/ folder takes place and could contains any files like cache, etc.

The resulting project root looks like:

Path Description
.mango-project Should be placed in root dir and contains a list of configuring directives like limits, etc
src/ Contains application sources (classes, interfaces, etc)
vendor/ Contains 3rd party packages, loaded by dependency manager
web/ Static files storage
resources/ CSS, JS resources
runtime/ Folder with runtime assets like cache, etc
logs/ The directory with file logs for mango-application Main class which has method run(Request request) which bootstraps the application